About us

Xnet Communications GmbH

Stresemannstr. 375 / Haus 3
D-22761 Hamburg

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Phone/FAX: +49160-XNT-12952

CEO Xnet Communications:

Mariusz Roznowski
Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 57563
USt.-Id-Nr.: DE 812 136 413
What do we do?
Xnet is a software development company for a wide spectrum of solutions in data, voice and video communications, especially in the corporate business sector.

Who are we?
Xnet is a fusion of 25 years experience, knowledge and skills in Telecommunications, Enterprise development, System Integrations, implementing and developing new technologies.

The Xnet team is a blend of highly experienced, young, talented and creative IT professionals from different countries and backgrounds. Our company culture encourages professionalism, creative thinking and knowledge sharing which encourages original and creative ideas to develop.

Success through Innovation
One of the keys to our success is collaboration with our customers, unleashing creativity to innovate new solutions, often bespoke solutions tailored specifically to our customer's unique requirements and environment.

Our design mantra is the User Experience, this means our solutions must remove complexity to simplify tasks through intelligent and highly intuitive application or process workflows. We place a high emphasis on integrating our solutions with already embedded solutions to increase productivity, for example our pioneering integrations of telephony with CRM.

How do we do it?
We are very enthusiastic disciples of Agile Software development for the benefits it bring to us and our customers. It allows our customers to be involved and watch their products grow, we do not develop in a vacuum.

  • Customer collaboration and simplified planning.
  • Rapid and frequent delivery of working software.
  • Early delivery facilitates customer feedback to deliver high quality solutions.
  • We can quickly respond to new customer requirements, even late in the cycle.
  • Close cooperation between the business people and the developers.

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Xnet Communications, Stresemannstr. 375, 22761 Hamburg, Germany, Phone/FAX: +49160-963-12952, Contact us