Conection problem

Cannot connect

The most common source of connection problems is when the firewall/router is blocking ports needed to communicate.

Please ensure the following ports are not blocked on the firewall:
  • Port 5060 for TCP/IP and UDP
  • Port 5070 for TCP/IP and UDP.
Listen RTP Port:
  • Port 10500 for TCP/IP and UDP.
Please also try values from range: 1025-65000 or ask your network administrator what port you should use.

Port 5060 is being used by another device:

Go to Preferences/My Sip Account.
Set the Local Sip Port to zero or set a specific value allowed on your firewall/router.

Setting the port to zero will force iSoftPhone to look for an available port.

iSoftPhone still does not connect:

Error SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized.

Check if you provider uses a Proxy server.
Go to Preferences/My Sip Account.
Set the proxy server in Sip Proxy.

Send us log files:

To help troubleshoot the problem, please send us the following:
  • Screenshot of Preferences/My Sip Account - we will check the settings
  • Create a screenshot using Applications/Utilities/Grab.
Sip Trace Log from he application Help menu- copy to text file and send to us.

Console Dump:
  • open Console (Applications/Utilities)
  • clear the console
  • try to launch iSoftPhone
  • copy and paste Console to a text file and email to us.

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