What's new in iSoftPhone 4?

New SIP module:

  • STUN and DNS compatibility increased
  • SRTP - compatibility with third party clients (v.3 SRTP worked only in iSP-to-iSP model)
  • security: TLS - major bug fix
  • SIP servers compatibility increased
  • DTMF signalling - major bug fix

New Audio module:

  • Voice delay significantly reduced
  • Voice quality improved
  • Noise reduction more effective
  • Call transfer - reliability improved
  • Audio call conference - voice quality improved, required bandwidth reduced

Calls recording:

  • Implemented from scratch in version 4
  • Build-in PCM-WAV high quality converter (version 3 had used external script to convert sound)
  • Call recording window redesigned for ease of use

GUI lifting:

  • The interface has beed redesigned to comply with the newest OS X
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Address Book - compatibility with El Capitan Contacts
  • New fonts and graphics
  • Application icon redesigned

Compatibility with OS X El Capitan

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